How To Eliminate All ‘Negative Emotion’ From Your Life

All Living Things have one ‘purpose’ in life: to experience pleasure. Without pleasure, life becomes ‘worthless’ and ‘without meaning’

Pain is not ‘the opposite of pleasure‘; it is a ‘warning signal’ that pleasure will not be experienced

When it is known that one will never again experience pleasure, one’s life should be terminated

Inability to experience pleasure is caused in two ways: 1) physical pain is present; 2) emotional pain is present

Physical pain is ‘real’; emotional pain is, indeed, ‘all in your head’

There are three causes of emotional pain: 1) biochemical imbalance in the brain; 2) a genetically-inherited, physiological flaw in the brain; and 3) a significant source of pleasure has been eliminated from one’s life

The first two are ‘real’; and may, or may not, be alleviated or cured by medical or pharmaceutical intervention. The third is ‘self-inflicted’: caused by allowing oneself to become ‘painfully aware’ of the fact that pleasure once experienced will no longer be experienced. For example: a mother loses a child, and becomes ‘emotionally depressed’ as a result of knowing she will no longer experience the pleasure caused by her son being alive

It is solely the mother’s belief that her son is dead that causes her to experience emotional pain; not the actual death of her son. If her son is alive, but she believes he is dead; she will experience emotional pain. If her son is dead, but she believes he is alive; she will not experience emotional pain 

If ‘something bad [excluding physical pain] happens to you’, know that it is fully and totally in your power to refuse to allow the thought of it to diminish or destroy your enjoyment of life! It’s okay to ‘be depressed’, mourn, cry, and to ‘wallow in your sorrow’ for a short period of time. But then it’s time to quickly get back to living the pleasure-filled, happy, joyous life you were born and meant to live !! 

When you become fully aware that there is no law written or decreed – by ‘God’, or by man – obligating you to be miserable due to unfavorable events or circumstances; and you become fully aware that all in Life happens as it must (study featured post on this website!): you become shielded from, and immune to, all ‘self-inflicted’ emotional pain

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