‘Free Will’ Disproof for Dummies

My brother committed suicide many years ago. He was cremated, with his ashes now buried in the ground

As a child, he loved life, and lived life, to the fullest

He had every intention of experiencing all the joys of living

During early adulthood, he was stricken with severe schizophrenia

The emotional suffering he endured became unbearable

After many months of excruciating, agonizing pain…

And trying, and hoping, and self-deluding…

He became hopelessly depressed, knowing his pain would never end…

And he committed suicide

To you who say “he had the free will to choose not to end his life”…

The belief in ‘free will’ is mankind’s most destructive flaw

If the concept of ‘free will’ is absurd, so is the concept of ‘God’

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