Farewell to ‘Free Will’ !

If you cannot answer “yes” to the following, you must admit that you have no control, whatsoever, over your life: Can you give an example of a choice or decision you made, and the resulting action you took, that was ‘free of’ or ‘free from’ your Will, Drive, Desire, or Motivation to do it?


Proof That You Have No Control Over Your Life

When the concept of ‘free will’ is seen and analyzed as it actually is – as two separate words or concepts, rather than the one-word concept it has always been mistaken to be – it becomes a logical absurdity. When the word ‘free’ is used as an adjective to describe or modify the noun ‘will’, the result is logical and rational nonsense. Saying that “will is free” is as preposterous as saying that “drive, desire and motivation are free,” “smell is fast,” “color is evil,” or “love is immobile” 

‘Choosing’ and ‘deciding’ are determined by the strength and intensity of your WILL to experience PLEASURE. Therefore, ‘choosing’ and ‘deciding’ are not ‘freely willed’: they are solely determined by – not free of, or free from – your WILL to experience PLEASURE. It is not WILL that is free or unfree: It is the PHYSICAL MOVEMENT caused and compelled by WILL that is free or unfree. As puppets or marionettes are compelled (or ‘willed’) to MOVE by strings attached to their limbs, humans are INSTINCTUALLY compelled to MOVE by WILL. Humans are – as are all Living Things – ‘pleasure puppets’ in the Puppet Show of Life; ‘actors’ or ‘characters’ in the Movie of Life 

He wants to lose weight (he has the will to lose weight)

He wants to eat lots of food (he has the will to eat lots of food) 

If his will to eat food is greater than his will to lose weight, he will not lose weight

If his will to lose weight is greater than his will to eat food, he will lose weight

He is not ‘free to choose’ to make his will to eat greater than his will to lose weight

He is not ‘free to choose’ to make his will to lose weight greater than his will to eat

Freedom is only related to the physical act that the will compels; not the will itself

An intentional act can never be done ‘free of’ or ‘free from’ the will to do it


“The fact that we human beings – who are, ourselves, mere collections of  fundamental particles of nature – have been able to come this close to an understanding of the laws governing us and our universe is a great triumph.”  (Stephen Hawking)

Human beings are fundamentally no different from all other Living Things: simply, and merely, ‘groupings’ or ‘bundles’ of INSTINCTUALLY-DRIVEN, Elementary or Fundamental Particles

All Living Things are composed of constantly-MOVING Elementary Particles; the MOVEMENT of which are initiated, controlled, sustained, guided and restricted by INSTINCT

INSTINCT that causes and compels a Living Thing to MOVE in a specific direction, way, manner and speed is called WILL, DRIVE, DESIRE or MOTIVATION (WDDM), the latter four words sharing the same meaning

A Living Thing (i.e., its constituent Elementary Particles as a unified whole) is DRIVEN, WILLED, or MOTIVATED to MOVE only when its INSTINCTUAL DRIVE to MOVE to experience PLEASURE (IDMP) becomes great or intense enough (i.e., when DRIVE THRESHOLD is attained or reached)

Because the Elementary Particles of a Living Thing cannot ‘freely choose’, ‘freely decide’ or ‘freely will’ to MOVE themselves; the Living Thing composed of those Elementary Particles cannot ‘freely choose’, ‘freely decide’ or ‘freely will’ to MOVE its own self

The human brain is also a Living Thing composed of Elementary Particles that cannot ‘freely choose’, ‘freely decide’ or ‘freely will’ to MOVE their own selves

Because thought and BELIEF are solely and wholly generated, controlled, sustained, guided and restricted by INSTINCTUALLY-DRIVEN Elementary Particles in the human brain that cannot ‘freely choose’, ‘freely decide’ or ‘freely will’ to MOVE their own selves: both ‘freely willed’ or ‘freely chosen’ belief or thought – and ‘freely willed’ or ‘freely chosen’ bodily MOVEMENT resulting from belief or thought – are absurd concepts that cannot exist

The mistaken belief that humans control their own thoughts and behaviors is, itself, INSTINCTUAL

Belief is INSTINCTUALLY DRIVEN – whether a belief is based on evidence and facts, or not


The ‘choices you make’ are solely determined and controlled by WILLS, DRIVES, DESIRES and MOTIVATIONS (WDDM) over which you have no control… like digital information determines and controls the movements of the images in a movie 

Human MOVEMENT (as is the physical MOVEMENT of all Living Things) is fully determined and controlled by a ‘spiritual force’ (‘The Divine Director’) that the human brain cannot directly perceive or know (like a nose cannot perceive or ‘know’ sound; or an ear cannot perceive or ‘know’ smell). What can be perceived and known, however, is that whenever you intentionally act (physically MOVE) in a specific way, it is the result of WDDM (Will, Drive, Desire, and Motivation) of which you are not ‘free to choose’ to create, eliminate, or alter the strength and intensity. When your WDDM to do something becomes strong and intense enough (via INSTINCT), you will be compelled, or ‘forced’, to physically MOVE to ‘satisfy’ that WDDM

A food-starved man has a very strong and intense WDDM (Will, Drive, Desire, and Motivation) to eat. Because he is not free to create his WDDM to eat, nor free to eliminate his WDDM to eat, nor free to determine the strength and intensity of his WDDM to eat: ‘freedom of his WILL to eat’, ‘freedom of his DRIVE to eat’, ‘freedom of his DESIRE to eat’, and ‘freedom of his MOTIVATION to eat’ are nonsensical and absurd. This applies to all human WDDM – such as the WDDM to have sex, the WDDM to be kind, the WDDM to be cruel, the WDDM for power, the WDDM to amass wealth, the WDDM to lose weight, the WDDM to quit smoking, etc.

When a food-starved man is INSTINCTUALLY compelled to take action to obtain food, but is forcefully prevented from doing so (someone steals his food as he is about to eat it, for example); it is at that point where ‘freedom’ or ‘unfreedom’ becomes the issue. The man’s WDDM to obtain food (INSTINCTUALLY DRIVEN, not ‘freely chosen’) compelled him to MOVE (to ‘take action’); but he became physically unfree to do so when he was forcefully prevented from doing so. It was not his WILL, DRIVE, DESIRE and MOTIVATION to obtain food that was free or unfree; it was his physical ability to actually do so or not. Freedom does not apply to WDDM; but only to the physical action or MOVEMENT compelled or forced by WDDM

When you go to a restaurant, you will always be INSTINCTUALLY compelled to order the menu item that you believe will cause you to experience the greatest degree of PLEASURE. If you attempt to prove me wrong by ‘freely choosing’ to order a menu item which we both know you hate, you would actually be proving me right: your WDDM to experience the emotional PLEASURE of proving me wrong was stronger and more intense than your WDDM to experience the PLEASURE of eating the delicious meal, thus causing and compelling you to make the unfree ‘decision’ and ‘choice’ of ordering and eating the food you knew you hated. If, while attempting to prove me wrong, a gunman entered the restaurant, placed a gun to your head, and demanded that you eat the food you love… you would be INSTINCTUALLY compelled to eat the food you love – assuming, of course, your DRIVE to stay alive was stronger and more intense than your DRIVE to experience the PLEASURE of proving me wrong (you would not be ‘free to choose’ your DRIVE or DESIRE to prove me wrong to be stronger and more intense than your DRIVE or DESIRE to stay alive). The stronger or ‘more intense’ WDDM determined your action. Given two or more alternatives or courses of action, human beings (and all Living Things) will always ‘choose’ or ‘decide upon’ the one for which WDDM or IDMP (INSTINCTUAL DRIVE to MOVE to experience PLEASURE) is strongest and most intense

How To Eliminate All ‘Negative Emotion’ From Your Life

All Living Things have one ‘purpose’ in life: to experience pleasure. Without pleasure, life becomes ‘worthless’ and ‘without meaning’

Pain is not ‘the opposite of pleasure‘; it is a ‘warning signal’ that pleasure will not be experienced

When it is known that one will never again experience pleasure, one’s life should be terminated

Inability to experience pleasure is caused in two ways: 1) physical pain is present; 2) emotional pain is present

Physical pain is ‘real’; emotional pain is, indeed, ‘all in your head’

There are three causes of emotional pain: 1) biochemical imbalance in the brain; 2) a genetically-inherited, physiological flaw in the brain; and 3) a significant source of pleasure has been eliminated from one’s life

The first two are ‘real’; and may, or may not, be alleviated or cured by medical or pharmaceutical intervention. The third is ‘self-inflicted’: caused by allowing oneself to become ‘painfully aware’ of the fact that pleasure once experienced will no longer be experienced. For example: a mother loses a child, and becomes ‘emotionally depressed’ as a result of knowing she will no longer experience the pleasure caused by her son being alive

It is solely the mother’s belief that her son is dead that causes her to experience emotional pain; not the actual death of her son. If her son is alive, but she believes he is dead; she will experience emotional pain. If her son is dead, but she believes he is alive; she will not experience emotional pain 

If ‘something bad [excluding physical pain] happens to you’, know that it is fully and totally in your power to refuse to allow the thought of it to diminish or destroy your enjoyment of life! It’s okay to ‘be depressed’, mourn, cry, and to ‘wallow in your sorrow’ for a short period of time. But then it’s time to quickly get back to living the pleasure-filled, happy, joyous life you were born and meant to live !! 

When you become fully aware that there is no law written or decreed – by ‘God’, or by man – obligating you to be miserable due to unfavorable events or circumstances; and you become fully aware that all in Life happens as it must (study featured post on this website!): you become shielded from, and immune to, all ‘self-inflicted’ emotional pain